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Last updated on December 30, 2022

You can change a registered agent by informing the Secretary of State online or via mailing a form. Learn how to do this step by step.

Who are they?

Agent for service of process

Also known as a registered agent, resident agent, statutory agent, etc in various states. These agents are physically located in the state where business entities operate. They receive important legal documents on behalf of the business entity.

Receive service of process

Their primary task is to receive tax forms, judicial notices, and other legal documents during business hours, 5 days a week.

For all business entities

Most business entities including LLCs, corporations, and partnerships require these agents in every state they operate in.

Not PO boxes

Agents must have a physical street address in the state. Not just PO boxes.

Details are public

The address and contact details of these agents are made public by the Secretary of State.


Step-by-step instructions

How to change a registered agent in California?

Check the steps below:

1. Find a new registered agent

Before you plan to change your existing registered agent, make sure to find an alternative registered agent in the state.

If you are physically located in the state, you can be a registered agent for your own LLC. But paying a service provider to become a registered agent will give you much-needed peace of mind.

You can also find a new registered agent through the state's business entity search tool.

2. Inform existing registered agent

You may inform your existing registered agent about your decision to replace them.

3. Inform the State

To change the registered agent for an LLC in California, you can just file a Statement of Information with the Secretary of State. This statement is generally required to be filed once every 2 years for an LLC. So, if you are changing the agent during this normal filing period, you can just file this statement online without any filing fees. But if you are filing outside this normal filing period, you have to file the statement along with its required filing fees.

Filing fee


Annual report

There are 3 types of reports to file annually for California LLCs: Statement of Information, LLC return of income, Schedule R (Apportionment and allocation of income). Additionally, California annual tax and LLC fees must be paid as well.

Statement of Information

This is a mandatory filing that keeps the state updated on the entity’s participants like registered agent, members and other details of the entity. There are three types of Statement of Information (file any one)- initial statement, due in 90 days of registration (first time filing); Statement of Information, to be filed biennially thereafter, before the anniversary date; Statement of No Change, file instead of Statement of Information if there are no changes since last filing.


Secretary of State

Business Programs Division

Business Entities

1500 11th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

P.O. Box 944260, Sacramento, CA 94244-2600


Anniversary date is the date on which the articles of organization was approved by the state

LLC Return of Income

LLC Return of Income summarizes your California LLC’s financial activity during a taxable year. File Form 568 online by the return due date (15th of March or April).

Schedule R - Apportionment and allocation of Income

If you have income or loss inside and outside California, you use this form to determine your California source income.

Annual tax

California LLCs have to pay annual taxes until it's cancelled, even if not in business, regardless of revenue. This is a flat tax which is due by - 15th of the fourth month of filing with the state, when paying the first time; subsequently due by 15th day of fourth month of taxable year. E.g. if LLC formation date is June 2nd, then due by Sep 15th.

  • LLCs registering between Jan, 2021 to Jan, 2024 don't have to pay annual tax in the first year

  • If LLC is cancelled within 1st year of forming, annual tax is waved off

    Mail waiver form






LLCs that make more than $250,000 have to pay LLCs fees based on a schedule depending on the revenue of your LLC, file this form only if your revenue exceeds this threshold. Fees are due by the 6th month after the beginning of the tax year.

  • Fee schedule based on revenue



Franchise Tax Board,

PO Box 942857,

Sacramento CA 94257-0531



Agents of process

A agents of process is an agent of your LLC on whom any notice, process or demand may be served. Every LLC in California needs to have a agents of process located in the state.


According to California Corporations Code § 15800:

  • 1

    Agents of process can be an individual or an authorised organisation.

  • 2

    Agents of process must have a street address where they can personally receive service of process.

  • 3

    Office of Agents of process cannot be just a mailbox service of a telephone answering service.

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