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Last updated on November 24, 2022

You can change a statutory agent by informing the Secretary of State via a 'Statutory Agent Update' form. Learn how to do this step by step.

Who are they?

Agent for service of process

Also known as a registered agent, resident agent, statutory agent, etc in various states. These agents are physically located in the state where business entities operate. They receive important legal documents on behalf of the business entity.

Receive service of process

Their primary task is to receive tax forms, judicial notices, and other legal documents during business hours, 5 days a week.

For all business entities

Most business entities including LLCs, corporations, and partnerships require these agents in every state they operate in.

Not PO boxes

Agents must have a physical street address in the state. Not just PO boxes.

Details are public

The address and contact details of these agents are made public by the Secretary of State.


Step-by-step instructions

How to change a statutory agent in Ohio?

Check the steps below:

1. Find a new statutory agent

Before you plan to change your existing statutory agent, make sure to find an alternative statutory agent in the state.

If you are physically located in the state, you can be a statutory agent for your own LLC. But paying a service provider to become a statutory agent will give you much-needed peace of mind.

You can also find a new statutory agent through the state's business entity search tool.

2. Inform existing statutory agent

You may inform your existing statutory agent about your decision to replace them.

3. Inform the State

To change the statutory agent for an LLC in Ohio, file the form 'Statutory Agent Update' online with the Secretary of State.

Filing fee


You will also need to get written consent from your new statutory agent. You need to file it with the Secretary of State, but keep it with company records.

Statutory agent

A statutory agent is an agent of your LLC on whom any notice, process or demand may be served. Every LLC in Ohio needs to have a statutory agent located in the state.


According to Ohio Revised Code § 1702.06:

  • 1

    Statutory agent can be an individual or an authorised organisation.

  • 2

    Statutory agent must have a street address where they can personally receive service of process.

  • 3

    Office of Statutory agent cannot be just a mailbox service of a telephone answering service.

  • 4

    Statutory agent must give a documented consent to serve as your LLC's agent.


Failure to maintain statutory agent

If you fail to appoint or maintain a statutory agent, the articles of your entity shall be cancelled by the Secretary of State.

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